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How does DIRECTV compare to Xfinity TV?

DIRECTV vs. Xfinity TV is a battle between two major players in the television service space. DIRECTV is one of the most popular satellite TV providers in the United States and is known for being a service that draws in sports fans. The other competitor in this comparison, Xfinity, is one of the largest cable TV providers in the country, offering a variety of packages that give consumers flexibility in how many channels they want.

So, which of these two popular TV options is right for you?

Who DIRECTV and Xfinity TV are for

DIRECTV is the TV service of choice for many sports fans. If you’re an avid NFL fan, you may be interested in DIRECTV’s offers as the service holds exclusive rights to the NFL’s Sunday Ticket package. If the idea of being able to watch every single out-of-market NFL game and Red Zone on Sunday strikes your fancy, then DIRECTV may be for you.

DIRECTV also offers its DIRECTV STREAM service for those who aren’t looking for traditional satellite or cable TV service. You can use this streaming TV service from an app on your smartphone, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, and many other video streaming devices. However, NFL Sunday Ticket is not currently available on DIRECTV STREAM. Xfinity also offers a TV streaming app, but this is only available to those who already subscribe to Xfinity’s internet service.

Still, Xfinity TV is worth considering for viewers who aren’t adamant about having an NFL package and want a lot of flexibility with their plan options. Xfinity is one of the few TV services that gives customers who have basic TV needs the option of paying a low rate for as few as 10-channels. Also, for those living in areas where receiving a satellite signal is a problem, or in apartments where satellite dishes aren’t allowed, Xfinity cable TV can be a suitable option.

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Key considerations

Prices: DIRECTV offers four different plans that range from $64.99 to $134.99/month for the first 12-months. The DIRECTV STREAM service has a price range of $69.99 to $139.99/month. Xfinity TV’s pricing is generally lower across the board, with plans ranging from $20 to $89.99/month over the first year.

Channels: The price of the plans for both services is determined by the channel lineup you choose. DIRECTV’s plans range between 160 and 330 channels across the different packages. If you opt for DIRECTV STREAM instead of satellite, your channel lineups will be between 65 and 140+ channels. Xfinity TV’s channel lineup is a bit smaller, with options ranging from 10 to 260+ channels.

Contracts: DIRECTV service requires a two-year contract, while Xfinity TV only requires a one-year agreement. This could be an important consideration if you’re setting up service in a home where you only intend to stay for a short period of time.

Bonus offers: DIRECTV’s plans include the NFL Sunday Ticket add-on for free the first year. With Xfinity TV, its top-tier package includes premium add-ons such as HBO Max, SHOWTIME, TMC, Hitz, and EPIX.

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What others say about DIRECTV and Xfinity TV

What are others saying about DIRECTV and Xfinity TV?

DIRECTV reviews

DIRECTV was highly rated by J.D. Power in the South region, topping the field of TV providers with a 767/1,000 score where it “supplanted Verizon, which had the highest score for the region last year,” according to a USA Today report.

When it comes to sports coverage, DIRECTV has access to the most regional sports networks. This makes it the “go-to choice for cable-cutting fans of basketball and hockey,” in the opinion of a CNET review.

Xfinity TV reviews

Xfinity had a strong past year in terms of customer satisfaction, as they held a share of third place in the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). According to the ACSI report, Xfinity “continues its momentum from the previous year, gaining 5%.”

The J.D. Power ratings also placed Xfinity third in the North Central segment of the US with an impressive score of 717 on a scale of 1,000.

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How do DIRECTV and Xfinity TV plans compare?

DIRECTV and Xfinity TV both provide a wide array of options for customers in the market for a new TV plan. If you want a “skinny bundle,” Xfinity’s introductory plan provides the lowest-priced option with a selection of just 10 channels. However, if you’re looking for more variety, both providers offer plans with over 260 channels.

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