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How does EarthLink compare to AT&T internet?

EarthLink and AT&T are both premium internet service providers (ISPs) well suited to fit your web browsing, gaming and TV streaming needs. EarthLink is more widely available, with its DSL internet covering 50 states and its fiber internet service covering 30 states. AT&T fiber internet is available in 21 states. However, AT&T fiber internet is available in 21 states. However, AT&T is expanding its fiber internet coverage.

How will you know which ISP is right for you? We’ve done the research to compare EarthLink vs AT&T internet and provide the information you need to know to make the right choice.

Who EarthLink and AT&T internet are for

We compared Earthlink v.s. AT&T for you! Both offer affordable internet plans that cover everyone from a user that likes checking email and watching TV, to a remote worker that sends large files and videoconferences often, to multi-player gamers.

EarthLink currently offers 12 internet plans. The entry-level internet plans offer speeds from 12 to 200 Mbps for $49.95 to $89.95/month respectively, and the fastest plan offers up to 1000 Mbps for $99.95/month. All of EarthLink’s internet plans, regardless of speed, offer unlimited data.

AT&T currently offers four fiber internet plans. Their entry-level plan offers up to 300Mbps for $55/month. They also offer a plan with speeds up to 500Mbps for $65/month, a new 2000 Mbps plan for $110/month and a 5000 Mbps plan for $180/month. Plus, AT&T Internet is a contract-free service offering unlimited data.

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Key considerations

In comparing EarthLink vs AT&T, both internet providers have additional fees that are important to know about before signing up for internet service.

Installation fees

EarthLink has an installation fee of $79.95, while AT&T has a $149 installation fee. However, you can save some money and opt to self-install your AT&T equipment for $99 and all AT&T fiber internet packages come with free installation.

Modem fees

AT&T includes a free modem with all of its home internet plans and the EarthLink equipment fee is $9.95/month.

Early termination fees

AT&T is a contract-free service and doesn’t charge you an early termination fee. EarthLink’s early termination fee is up to $200.

Data overage fees

AT&T and EarthLink offer unlimited data and don’t charge a data overage fee. 

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What others say about EarthLink and AT&T internet

EarthLink reviews

CNET review explains that EarthLink is not like other ISPs because it doesn’t provide internet service directly to consumers, but it sells service plans using the DSL and fiber-optic networks of other ISPs. As a result, EarthLink plans tend to be more expensive. However, EarthLink offers stable pricing and unlimited data, which isn’t available from many other ISPs.

The Better Business Bureau gives EarthLink an A+ rating despite its 1/5 customer review score. An excellent BBB rating is achieved by responding to and addressing customer complaints. So, while EarthLink has received customer complaints and low ratings, they’ve worked hard to respond to and address those complaints, and many customers have expressed satisfaction after these interactions.

AT&T reviews

Also, AT&T has consistently ranked in the top spot for customer satisfaction in the North Central and South regions in J.D. Power’s Residential Internet study and American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) rating, with an average score of 738, on a 1,000-point scale, and 71/100 score, respectively. AT&T got better results than last year’s score, with a 4% improvement in ACSI rating.

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How do EarthLink and AT&T internet packages compare?

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