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How does Spectrum TV compare to DISH?

There are many TV providers to choose from, with each offering a unique set of plans and packages. Two providers that are certainly worth a look are Spectrum TV and DISH due to their wide availability and varied plan offerings.

When shopping for a new subscription TV provider, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the data you need to evaluate. Luckily, we’ve gathered information on Spectrum TV and DISH, including details on packages, pricing, and expert reviews to help you make a decision.

Who Spectrum TV and DISH are for

Keep in mind that there’s no objectively perfect TV provider in the market. Your choice will ultimately depend on what you value most in your TV subscription.

For instance, if you value flexibility in your TV provider, Spectrum TV is a strong choice due to its no-contract plans. A no-contract approach lets you cancel at any time at no extra cost. Spectrum even offers to buy out an old TV contract for up to $500 so that you can switch to their service with ease.

On the other hand, DISH is perfect for avid TV and movie viewers looking for a wide variety of choices without having to break the bank. Its superior digital video recorder (DVR) is ideal for those who wish to record multiple shows at once and save hundreds of hours worth of programming. In addition, while DISH requires a 24-month contract for new subscribers, they can enjoy consistent prices during this period without additional charges that are often standard among other TV providers.

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Key considerations


Spectrum TV plans range from $49.99 to $94.99/month for 12 months and DISH plans range from $69.99 to $104.99/month. However, DISH covers subscribers with a two-year TV price guarantee, meaning monthly prices will remain the same during that time period and won’t have hidden charges.


Spectrum TV’s lowest tier plan gives you 125+ channels, while the highest has 200+ channels. By contrast, DISH boasts some of the most comprehensive selection of channels among TV providers. The entry-level DISH plan provides 190 channels, while their highest tier gives you over 250 channels.


Spectrum TV’s DVR service for a single box costs $4.99/month. If you have two or more boxes in your home, the company’s pricing is a flat rate of $9.99/month. Spectrum TV’s DVR can hold 35 hours of HD programming.

DISH includes the Hopper® Duo in all their plans. This DVR service allows subscribers to record two shows simultaneously without any conflicts. Additionally, you can record up to 125 hours of HD programming and use Voice Remote with Google Assistant to set it up. If you want to get the most out of your DVR experience, upgrade your plan to the Hopper® 3 to record 16 shows simultaneously and save up to 2,000 hours worth of HD content.

Contract requirements

Spectrum TV does not require you to sign a contract when subscribing to its plans, so you can cancel at any time without worrying about early termination fees. While DISH does require a contract, its 24-month price guarantee means you won’t see any unexpected increases in the first two years of service. If you cancel early, you’ll pay a fee of $20/month for the remainder of your contract term.


DISH has a wide reach thanks to its nine orbiting satellites, which provide customers with high-quality TV signal throughout the continental US, Puerto Rico, Alaska, and other areas. Also, DISH has exclusive plans for people in rural communities so they can get access to satellite internet and TV services. In contrast, Spectrum focuses on providing its cable TV programming to mostly urban areas across 41 states.

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What others say about Spectrum TV and DISH

Spectrum TV

According to U.S. News & World Report, you can get a $5 discount on bundles that include TV and internet from Spectrum. While these bundles include some extra fees for regional sports networks and broadcast TV, you’ll also gain an “impressive variety of streaming apps.” Through these apps, you can access your video subscription without renting any equipment.


In the most recent J.D. Power & Associates U.S. Residential Television Service Provider Satisfaction Study, DISH has the highest overall customer satisfaction rating with a score of 751 out of 1,000.

DISH also ranks sixth in the satisfaction benchmarks among 11 companies in The American Customer Satisfaction Index with a score of 69%.

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How do Spectrum TV and DISH plans compare?

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