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How does Spectrum compare to Optimum internet?

Comparing internet services can sometimes be a daunting task. Who has the most reliable network with the best prices and are there hidden fees that you need to be aware of?

Who has time to sit down and scour the internet to figure it all out, anyway?

If you’re trying to choose which ISP is the better fit for your household between Spectrum and Optimum, we’ve gathered the details of each of their services including price comparisons, additional costs, and opinions from other industry leaders into one place for you to quickly review.

Who Spectrum and Optimum internet are for?

Households looking for high-speed internet options might be considering both Spectrum and Optimum internet services. While Spectrum internet has a much larger overall footprint, Optimum and Spectrum’s internet coverage overlap in parts of three states (Connecticut, New York, and Pennsylvania.)

Though each service offers three different plan structures with comparable speeds options, Optimum is the slightly more affordable option with package prices between a base pricing of $49.99/month to $84.99/month (compared to Spectrum’s package prices which range from $49.99/month to $89.99/month). Both options offer no-contract service and reasonable equipment rental costs (ranging from $5.00 to $9.95/month). However, Spectrum requires a $24.99 self-installation fee or a $59.99 professional installation fee, while Optimum offers free installation when you order service online. If you choose Optimum’s professional installation you can expect to pay a fee of $59.

Next, we’ll take a deeper dive into a comparison of each provider’s internet options.

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What others say about Spectrum and Optimum internet

While both Spectrum and Optimum offer similar speeds in their packages, it is clear that Optimum wins in the overall price category. However, as CNET pointed out in a recent review, Optimum loses some of its shine if you want to bundle in other options because there are no savings, which is why people typically choose to bundle in the first place. The review also points out that while Optimum has a price increase after 12 months, similar to Spectrum, “the company won’t commit to what the new price will be.”

The most recent American Customer Service Satisfaction report ranked Spectrum fifth, while Optimum ranked tenth overall.

Beyond these differences, Spectrum and Optimum are otherwise similar in markets where their coverage footprints overlap.

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How do Spectrum and Optimum internet packages compare?

This chart provides a quick snapshot of the different internet packages, speeds, and prices available between Spectrum and Optimum internet.

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*Pricing varies by location and availability. Speeds may vary. All prices subject to change; for current pricing and availability visit our internet service page. Prices as of 1/25/22.

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