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How does Frontier compare to Suddenlink internet?

If you are comparing internet service providers (ISPs) and Suddenlink and Frontier are both available in your area, you have two solid options. With these two ISPs, you can get internet speeds ranging between 9 and 940Mbps and expect to pay anywhere between $35 and $80/month, depending on the package you select. However, Suddenlink appears to be cheaper in the beginning, but Frontier is more affordable in the long run.

Who Frontier and Suddenlink internet are for

Frontier’s Basic DSL Internet plan (9Mbps) is best for single-person households with basic internet needs, such as email and limited web surfing. Generally, this plan doesn’t support video streaming, gaming, or multiple users. If you have a larger household or are an online gamer with heavy video streaming use, you may opt for the Frontier FiberOptic 50Mbps plan.

Starting at $44.99/month, Suddenlink’s Internet 300 plan offers 300Mbps download speed. This plan is great for individuals or households with limited internet use. However, if your family streams HD videos on multiple devices, you may want to opt for its Internet 500 plan that offers 500Mbps speed. For active gamers or those who make frequent video calls, Suddenlink’s Internet 1 Gig is more suitable.

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Comparison of internet services

Suddenlink provides you with 300Mbps for $49.99/month, which offers moderate download speeds, unlimited data, and an opportunity to rent the modem instead of buying it. Next up, you can opt for the 500Mbps plan by paying an additional $20/month, and 1000Mbps for $40 more per month. Suddenlink also provides television and internet bundles with a home phone for as low as $29.95/month. After the first 12 months, the prices go up significantly.

As for Frontier, it offers three DSL plans and three fiber plans. Its DSL plans range in speed from 9Mbps up to 115Mbps. Their highest speed service, the Frontier Premium Internet package, offers up to 115Mbps for $54.99/month. You can also add a home phone for only $10/month. The best part about Frontier is that in addition to no-contract options, it also offers several value-added perks such as a Yahoo! email account with 1TB of storage, 24-hour tech support, and no data caps.*

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What others say about Frontier and Suddenlink internet

According to the ACSI Telecommunications Study 2020-2021, Frontier’s customer satisfaction index score (57) was two points higher than Suddenlink (55) in 2021. However, the overall WiFi quality of Suddenlink (66) scored higher than Frontier (63). Customer reviews also show that users are happy with Suddenlink for their contract-free services, as well as its wider coverage. Frontier is preferred by users for its transparent and affordable pricing.

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How do Frontier and Suddenlink internet packages compare?

*Pricing varies by location and availability. Speeds may vary. All prices subject to change; for current pricing and availability visit our internet service page. Prices as of 1/13/22.

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