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Suddenlink Internet Review

Suddenlink offers low-cost, high-speed internet services in areas where the largest service providers tend not to operate. So, if you happen to live in Abilene, Jonesboro, or one of many other small towns across 17 states, Suddenlink might be one of the few options you have for high-speed internet. It provides broadband services to more than 1.6 million customers across the U.S, but is Suddenlink the right fit for you?

Who is Suddenlink internet for?

Suddenlink’s Internet 100 plan starts at $30/month and offers 100Mbps download speed. This plan is great for individuals or households with average internet usage.

Offering 300Mbps of download speed, the Internet 300 plan is more than sufficient for small families that stream HD videos on multiple devices.

However, people with heavy internet usage, such as those that download large amounts of data, frequently make video calls, or are active gamers may be better off with higher tier Suddenlink plans such as Internet 500 and Internet 1 Gig.*

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Key considerations

Suddenlink’s modem, called the Altice Gateway, comes with a rental fee of $10/month. However, you can avoid this fee if you choose to use your own equipment. This could save you money in the long-term, but keep in mind you’ll be ineligible for the service upgrade and technical support.

All Suddenlink internet plans are no-contract plans, and you will not be required to pay any cancellation charges if you choose to terminate your services.

Suddenlink is present in 17 states, including Arizona, California, Missouri, West Virginia, Ohio, and Louisiana.

All Suddenlink internet plans are high-speed, no-contract plans, come with a money-back guarantee, and there are no data caps in most markets.

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What others say about Suddenlink internet

In 2021, the American Customer Satisfaction Index gave Suddenlink a customer satisfaction score of 55 out of 100. It is ranked #1 on the list of Most Affordable Internet Service Providers of 2022 and #12 in the list of Best Internet Service Providers of 2022.

CNET states that it’s hard to beat the promo prices of Suddenlink. Some of the advantages outlined by CNET include competitive pricing for relatively fast download speeds, low equipment fees, and decent promo perks.

In a review published on US News, Suddenlink’s 1 Gig internet plan is rated as a great option for gamers as it offers speeds of up to 940Mbps in rural areas where dial-up or satellite internet would typically be slower, less reliable options.

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How does Suddenlink internet compare to other providers?

Two providers that overlap the most with Suddenlink in terms of speed and bundle options are CenturyLink and AT&T.

When it comes to pricing, Suddenlink has more affordable internet packages compared to CenturyLink and provides customers with fiber and cable internet services, whereas CenturyLink offers fiber and DSL internet services.

Suddenlink and AT&T have some similarities across their internet services. However, the biggest difference is that all Suddenlink plans are contract-free, whereas AT&T only has select contract-free plans. Moreover, when it comes to bundles and extra services such as TV, Suddenlink offers access to more channels for a lower price. This means Suddenlink might be more suitable for people who will be purchasing more than just internet service.

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*Pricing varies by location and availability. Speeds may vary. All prices subject to change; for current pricing and availability visit our internet service page. Prices as of 1/21/22.

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Available download speeds
300 1000 Mbps
Plans as low as
44.99 /mo
for just
12 months

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