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How does WOW! compare to Xfinity internet?

WideOpenWest (WOW!) and Xfinity from Comcast are two popular cable and fiber internet service providers (ISPs) in the US, and both offer plans that should meet the needs of every type of internet user. If you have access to both WOW! and Xfinity internet services in your area, you’ll likely want to compare the two so you can find the ISP that best fits your needs.

Luckily, we’ve compared Xfinity vs WOW! internet to identify the best elements of each ISP so that you can make the right choice.

Who WOW! and Xfinity internet are for

When you compare Xfinity vs WOW!, both ISPs offer similar download speeds. However, if you’re looking for budget-friendly internet plans, then WOW! gives you more for less. For instance, the top-tier plan from WOW! offers 1000Mbps speed at $64.99/month for the first year, then the price increases to $74.99. Xfinity has a similar plan with 1200Mbps, but it will cost you between $70 and $89.99/month depending on your location.*

When it comes to WOW! vs Xfinity internet availability, Xfinity takes the lead in overall coverage across the country, providing cable and fiber internet services across 39 states. If you’re looking for a blazing fast internet connection for your smart home, The ISP offers fiber internet plans that cross the 1000Mbps mark. Xfinity also provides its own hardware at an additional cost to support higher and consistent speeds while keeping your network secure.

Overall, you might want to consider Xfinity if you need a connection built for speed. However, if you’re on a budget but still need fast internet, you can save more with WOW! packages.

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Comparison of internet services

  • With WOW!, new customers can get the lowest cost plan at $19.99/month that offers download speeds of up to 100Mbps. By contrast, Xfinity’s lowest plan starts at $19.99/month and provides download speeds of up to 50Mbps in the Western US.
  • WOW! also offers DSL and copper internet services, which tend to be slower and cost less than cable and fiber internet services.
  • Both WOW! and Xfinity plans come with a data cap. However, WOW! data caps vary based on the package. For example, higher speed plans usually come with more data. In comparison, most Xfinity plans have the same data cap of 1.2TB, unless you live in the Northeast US where Xfinity offers unlimited data.
  • Being the largest cable company in the US, Xfinity is available in 39 states, whereas WOW! is available only in 9 states.

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What others say about WOW! and Xfinity internet

According to ASCI (American Customer Satisfaction Index), Xfinity scores 67 points out of 100 while WOW! scores 62. So, when comparing WOW! and Xfinity in customer satisfaction, Xfinity edges out WOW! with stronger satisfaction scores.

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How do WOW! and Xfinity internet packages compare?

Both WOW! and Xfinity offer a wide variety of internet plans. Below is a sample of plans and pricing details for WOW! and Xfinity internet as of February 2022.

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