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What’s the Best Fixed Wireless Internet Provider?

Fixed wireless internet is one of the fastest-growing internet options in the US. Using stationary wireless access points to distribute connectivity directly to the consumer, fixed wireless connections eliminate the need for physical wiring.

That said, fixed wireless packages vary from provider to provider. Rise Broadband is a great option for those in rural areas who are looking for affordable plans. Starry internet, while not as widely available, provides plans with good value for the price. AT&T offers the fastest speeds and a variety of plans for rural areas. If you’re looking to bundle other services with your internet, Verizon may be the provider for you. In this guide, we look at the key players that provide fixed wireless internet service and explore their pricing, availability, data caps, customer satisfaction and more.

The big players

With download speeds of up to 50Mbps, Rise Broadband is an ideal option for residents who live in rural or remote areas. Your eligibility for Rise Broadband’s maximum speeds largely depends on how close you are to a cell tower. The closer you are to the tower, the stronger and more reliable the signal will be. With a Rise Broadband fixed wireless plan you may be able to stream your favorite shows but if you are a heavy watcher of 4K or HD content, you will likely be happier using a fiber, cable, or DSL provider with faster speeds.

Those who need high speeds or want to use multiple devices may find that Starry fixed wireless internet has everything they need. With speeds as high as 1000Mbps, streamers and online gamers will have reliable internet with speedy download and upload speeds that are buffer and lag-free. Those who work from home will also be able to conduct uninterrupted video calls and upload large files with ease.

With speeds of at least 10Mbps but averaging closer to 25Mbps, AT&T fixed wireless internet delivers respectable data speeds for rural small businesses and households that may not have access to other internet providers. Connect multiple devices at the same time and enjoy faster surfing, streaming, and downloading. The AT&T fixed wireless package allows you to stream your favorite music and video and connect to social media.

If you know that you’ll want to bundle various services, like TV, internet, and home phone, Verizon is a good choice. With their fixed wireless internet service, you will enjoy uploads speeds of up to 980Mbps. This allows for streaming your favorite movies and TV shows on multiple devices with less loading and buffering. Furthermore, you can upload large files quickly and conduct video calls with minimal interruption.

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Key considerations

Finding the right fixed wireless internet service provider can be challenging. But there are several critical factors to consider before choosing the best fixed wireless internet provider for you.


If you live in rural and remote areas, no rural internet service provider beats AT&T fixed wireless internet. It’s available where others aren’t, and has consistent speeds. Despite being a rural internet provider, users get an impressive 25Mbps download speed for $59.99/month.


LTE home internet is a fixed wireless internet option offered by internet service providers (ISPs) across the country. They allow users to receive unlimited data without having to pay for a satellite internet service.

Verizon LTE Home Internet is a perfect option if you live in a remote area with little access to fiber or cable infrastructure, but rely on the internet for work, school, or other online needs. When it comes to performance, Verizon’s 4G Home LTE offers 25Mbps download speeds that may go up to 50Mbps for a price of $60/month.


When dealing with an internet industry dominated by giant ISPs, it’s easy to overlook small but reliable internet service providers like Starry. Starry offers unlimited 5G fixed wireless internet with download speeds of up to 200Mbps and upload speeds of 100Mbps at a starting price of $50/month. As an added perk, new customers get a free internet connection for the first 60 days.


As the largest fixed-wireless internet provider in the US, Rise Broadband offers flexible packages designed to meet your needs and budget. Their plans provide two speeds (25 or 50Mbps) with two data options (250GB of data or unlimited data) at prices that are more affordable than most fixed wireless internet providers.

The 25Mbps and 50Mbps tiers are relatively consistent across the US for fixed wireless, but pricing may vary slightly from one location to another. That said, fixed wireless RIse Broadband plans start at $35/month for plans with data caps (250GB), or $55/month for unlimited plans.*

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What others are saying

Now that we know more about what these fixed wireless ISPs have to offer, let’s take a look at what customers have to say about their services.

Rise Broadband earned a high rating from the Better Business Bureau, making it one of the top ISPs available in the market today. Since 2015, the provider has held an A-plus rating.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index, or ACSI, ranks AT&T as another top ISP. They’ve recently seen a jump in their customer satisfaction score, the largest among any internet providers, and their customers have awarded them a rating of 7.1 out of 10. The ASCI awarded Verizon the same 7.1 score; however, unlike AT&T, their customer satisfaction rating dropped between 2020 and 2021.

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Fixed wireless internet provider FAQs

How fast is fixed wireless internet?

While fixed wireless internet can reach speeds of up to 1000Mbps, typical speeds range from 25 to 50Mbps. This is enough bandwidth for web browsing, video streaming, social media, casual gaming, and uploading files.

Fixed wireless internet vs satellite internet: Which is better?

Often, fixed wireless is better than satellite because of its faster speeds, lower latency, and greater reliability. However, it depends on your location. Satellite internet is more widely available compared to fixed wireless and its plans are less likely to have data limitations.

How far does the signal for fixed wireless internet reach?

The strength of the signal depends on the local terrain and if anything is obstructing your internet connection to the tower site. Normally, the signal will cover a 10-mile radius from the tower.

Does weather affect fixed wireless internet?

Yes. Extreme weather conditions such as high winds, severe rain, and extremely hot or cold temperatures can impact a fixed wireless signal. But, if you have a good line of sight to the tower, this impact can be minor.

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*Pricing varies by location and availability. Speeds may vary. All prices subject to change; for current pricing and availability visit our internet service page. Prices as of 2/15/22.

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